GIDC to set up textile hub in Surat

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) plans to set up a textile hub in the Bardoli taluka, Surat. The hub will comprise around 207 micro, small and textile weaving hubs. The proposed project will be set up in the emerging Badroli-II Industrial Estate situated in Miyawadi village. At present, it is India’s biggest man-made fabric manufacturing hub located at a distance of 48 km from Surat. Most of the industrial units that are proposed to be set up will be for weaving. More than 250 plots have been allotted for this purpose with sizes ranging from 250 square metres to 1,000 sq m. Setting up the proposed weaving units will involve the installation of power looms, jacquard-fitted looms, and rapier looms. The pouring in of investments are expected to come easy as there are existing units in Surat that want to expand their space and scale of operations to enlarge their businesses.
The hub will be set up with an investment of Rs 200 crore and have an aggregate capacity of producing 2 lakh meters of fabric daily.

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