Loepfe quality control solutions

Loepfe, a manufacturer of sensors and monitoring equipment for yarn spinning and fabric weaving processes, will present its portfolio of quality control solutions for the textiles industry at ITMA Asia, which will be held in Shanghai next month. The company’s presentation will include the well-known YarnMaster Zenit+ for winding and the WeftMaster Falcon-i for quality control of high-tech materials.
Various innovative solutions in different areas of yarn quality control will be shown. New measuring results of the YarnMaster Zenit+ OffColor feature collected in cooperation with a customer will be available. The case study shows results in detection of shade variations in polyester.
The increasingly popular yarn defect sensor WeftMaster Falcon-i will also be displayed. After the growing demand noticed from North America, Loepfe says it sees a similar growth in the Asian market for reliable yarn quality control of latest high-tech materials such as carbon fibres, monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun yarns in all material compositions.
The optical yarn defect sensor removes smallest knots, fluff, filamentation, thick places and capillary breaks before being interwoven into 

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