Organic Basics with Fulgar for sustainable fashion

The Danish brand Organic Basics will present three everyday garment collections, made using organic and recycled materials. Two of these collections, SilverTech and Invisible, are both made with Q-Nova by Fulgar, Italy’s leading man-made fibre manufacturer.
Q-Nova is the innovative Made in Italy fibre in Nylon 6.6, produced with 99% recycled raw materials and developed entirely by Fulgar using a mechanical rather than chemical process. “Organic Basics has chosen to emphasise quality and innovation for its collections – from eco-friendly materials to exceptionally high production standards, creating a model for sustainable business,” says Fulgar.The Danish company promotes sustainable fashion for simple, eco-friendly clothing. This October it begins shipment of its latest SilverTech 2.0 range of underwear that is durable, comfortable, odour-killing and made from 100% sustainable materials, according to the company.
“We started off as an underwear subscription service that launched on Kickstarter. But things really took off when we came out with our first line of SilverTech odorless underwear. Now we’re back with an improved line of SilverTech underwear. We enhanced our design for more comfort, heat regulation, durability, and breathability. We partnered up with Polygiene, one of the most advanced and sustainable silver fabric treatments in the world, to give you an even better anti-microbial, odourless experience,” it explains.
“All our underwear and tees are made with 100% recycled nylon, making them more comfortable, more breathable, and more durable, while reducing our environmental footprint.”
“Italian manufactured nylon is the best in the industry. They are well known for making super light, super soft, extremely breathable nylon with 100% recycled raw materials and zero chemical processing. Nylon is more durable and stronger than typical fabrics. It also wicks away moisture - keeping you as dry as possible.”

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